GUEST SPEAKERS: David Burleigh (JP) In and Out of Japan: The Contours of Haiku

Patricia Donegan (US) Pause for Peace

Emiko Miyashita (JP) Feel the Word

PRESENTERS: Nick Avis (CA) Crosscurrents from Newfoundland and Labrador; John Barlow (GB)  (1) Haiku From the Field: A Nature Haiku Workshop (2) panel of Snapshot  Press readers; Roberta Beary (US) with Lenard D. Moore (US) Navigating Crosscurrents in the Craft of Haiku: Anonymous Haiku Writing Workshop; Michele Root-Bernstein (US) The Haiku as Emblem of Creative Process; Rick Black (US) Reading Michael McClintock’s Sketches From the San Joaquin, Turtle Light Press Haiku Chapbook Competition winner 2008; Micheline Beaudry with Mike Montreuil (CA) L’américanité des Haïkistes Canadiens-Français: American Identity of French-Canadian Haiku Poets; Margaret Chula (US) Scents and Sensitivity: A Haibun Workshop; Jerome Cushman (US) Haiku in Performance & Haiku Performance Workshop; Dr. Shasi Angelee Deodhar (IN) Crosscurrents of Love in Traditional Japanese Poetry; Claire Dufresne (CA) A Haiku Kamishibai; Judson Evans (US) Haibun Writing Workshop; Margot Gallant (CA) Beauty, Poetry and Despair: the Cross-Currents of Big Trout Lake; Marshall Hryciuk (CA) In the Renku Parlour; Jim Kacian  (US) (1) Haiku As Anti-story  (2) Giving Back – The Creation of the Haiku Foundation; Joseph Kirschner (US) Showing, or Displaying: the Bejewelled Finger Syndrome; Philomene Kocher with Marjorie Woodbridge (CA) Their Capacity to Delight: Collaborative Haiku with Persons with Dementia; Deborah Kolodji (US) Haiku Speculations and Crosscurrents; David Lanoue (US) Reading the New Haiku: Examples and Discussion; Angela Leuck & the Montreal Poets (CA) Le Terasse Haiku Cabaret; Ian Marshall (US) Walden by Haiku; David McMurray (JP) The Haikuist; Dennis Maloney (US) The Poet/Hermit Tradition in Japanese Culture; Kathleen O’Toole (US) Nick Virgilio  (panel)  Pushing Boundaries of Form & Inspiration; Claudia Coutu Radmore (CA) Haiku and Art Crosscurrents; Gabriel Rosenstock (IE)  The Universal Spirit of Issa; Bruce Ross (US) Basho, Sunthorn Pho, and Contemporary World Travel Haibun; Natalia Rudychev (USA) Haiku Crosscurrents: The Masterpiece is of Ourselves, As We Are of the Masterpiece; Rich Schnell (US) Train Haiku – Along Iron Rails; John Sexton (IE) Place and Inner Space: Imagination and Reality in the Haiku Mind; Charles Trumbull (US) Crosscurrents East and West: Shiki and the Origins of Shasei; Michael Dylan Welch (US)  Fuyoh Observations: Seven Lessons We Can Learn from Japan

Readings by George Swede (CA), Lee Gurga (US), LeRoy Gorman (CA), John Stevenson (US) Penny Harter (US) Roberta Beary (US) Grant Savage (CA) Emiko Miyashita (JP) The JAL Anthology of Children’s Haiku: Impression of Wind


Aug. 5th Robert Sibley  Ottawa Citizen award winning journalist (The Way of Shikoku series)

Aug. 6th Patricia Donegan Pause for Peace, followed by an International Reading

Aug. 7th A celebration of haiku, image and song featuring Canadian musician/songwriter Ian Tamblyn (  and poets

Aug.8th A private chartered Ottawa River Boat Cruise 9:30 pm – 12:30 am, including poetry readings, cash bar, DJ, and the best view of the International Fireworks Competition held at the Lac Leamy Casino, Hull, Quebec.  (Tickets may be purchased at the conference)

Aug. 9th The William J. Higginson celebration, Sunday morning.  Please bring poems, photos and anecdotes for an informal and personal tribute.

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