Somewhere over 120 people have registered and are arriving…

The book tables are getting set up as well as the special rooms of displays.

When you go to the area thru the main doors to see the book displays, don’t miss the display box with classic collections and papers under glass.

make your own prayer flag art
There’s a table to make your own prayer flag art and cut your own chop near the registration desk.

make your own prayer flag art
You can post yours and check the schedule changes.

silent auction items silent auction items
The silent auction room is near the auditorium with a few tables of goodies.

haiga room
The haiga displays are being set up in a room nearby.

IMG_9117 textile art
Some quilted art, some with haiku on them are hung by the auditorium.

seed pouch
Look at the lovely textures of the seed pouches.

More to come…