Claudia's painting close upthank you Crosscurrents was the theme of the conference with the Montreal cabaret sharing their poems on day 1. On day 2 we saw the ekphrastic results of the The Painting Project on the selected haiku submitted to theme. From the 200 sent in, 6 haiku on 6 themes were chosen. These poems were used by Claudia Coutu Radmore (pictured taking a bow) to inspire 6 paintings.
Claudia's painting close up
The resulting collection of paintings by Claudia Coutu Randmore and the haiku were made into a chapbook. The paintings were presented to artists who interpreted them in music, in theatre or in sound poetry.

dramatic monologue
Patricia Benedict did a dramatic monologue in the persona of the tippling sister of an art critic who gets increasingly inebriated over the course of her critique.

musical interpretation
Ian Tambyln sent in a track of music in absentia as a response to one painting of factory sounds mixing with piano and geese. Claudio Valentino (pictured) played guitar compositions live and did segue improvizations. Dorothy Howard sent in a sound poetry piece that ran two tracks from different directions of the auditorium simultaneously.

painting IMG_9318
All the poems were read as each painting was presented by Angela Leuck and DeVar Dahl.

As well as this art, there was a haiga display of images by Peter Vernon Quenter by the silent auction room.