If you have made a public album or blog post about this HNA, let me know and I can gather the links here as well. There was an article at the Xpress by Adam Volk and one at the Ottawa Citizen by Katie Daubs.

If you would like to add links to your photos for others to enjoy (such as from flickr), or a summary of what impressed you, join in.

There were 3 parallel streams of talks to attend as well as times not in session so you may have seen what I didn’t.

If you presented, and would like to make your notes available, please leave a comment and these can be added here as well.

Upcoming are… Nick Avis’ talk, Interviews with Amarjit Sathi and Angelee Deodhar, a summary of the tribute to Bill Higginson, an introduction to the Haiku Foundation and the Haiku Archives, and maybe even some notes on John Brandi’s talk.