Angelee Deodhar has been bringing haiku to India through translation.

Angelee's talk
During the conference she gave a talk on love haiku.

H09 asked: How long have you been involved with haiku? This is a summary of her reply.

I have writing haiku for over 20 years now. Although the British school system is in English and all the classic western writers are covered, eastern writing is not.

An ophthalmologist by training, she became ill in 1989 and while ill, she came across a magazine which had haiku in it. She inquired at the Japanese embassy for information on the kind of poetry. They in turn send her a photocopy of an article which had on it contact information for Bill Higginson. She then wrote a letter to him asking for more information. In reply he sent her a copy of the Haiku Handbook inscribed with “in answer to your question.” he refused payment for the book and they continued correspondence as he mentored her by lettermail and by phone. She finally met Bill Higginson and Penny Harter in 2001 at the HNA in Boston and in 2003 in NYC.

Angelee Angelee Deodhar’s translations of particular haiku and of the form is spreading the word in Hindi. Below is the book which she edited. 89 are poems written in Hindi and translated to English and 16 are translated to Hindi.

Indian Haiku ed by Angelee Deodhar

Indian Haiku ed by Angelee Deodhar

H09 asked: Who is your favorite haiku poet?

I’m drawn to Shiki‘s technique of write as you see it and feel it.

H09 asked: Do you have any new projects coming up?

David Lanoue and I have just collaborated on Distant Mountains: 160 poems by Issa. It’s a bilingual edition. We started with 500 poems and narrowed it down to 160, arranged by the 4 seasons and New Years.